No form of prohibition has ever had the desired results. In fact most often it aggravates the problem and even turns a problem it was seeking to address into a disaster. The surprising reason why no form of prohibition works is fully explained by This is an unfailing law of nature that will swiftly punish anyone and everything that violates against it.

For now this is a website that gathers all manner of information and links to promote the end of the misguided WAR ON DRUGS.

The reason why the WAR ON DRUGS is a big mistake and why it was doomed to fail from the outset is that the politicians and promoters of the war on drugs had no knowledge of my . The lessons to be learned from this UniversalLaw or law of nature cannot be ignored in all matters of government. Violations against the Universal Demand Law in creating laws and government regulations will always (guaranteed) have adverse and opposite results of the often well-intentioned laws and regulations.

Even the proposed modifications to drug laws will still have adverse outcomes. A complete re-thinking of policy along the lines of my is the only road to a solution for the problem that drugs pose to society.

On this website are links and articles that have some relation to the War On Drugs.

As time permits, I will try to write a definitive solution to the problem that will propose to optimize the laws and regulations that seek to find a solution to the drug problem.

Have a look at the links and form yourself an opinion.

So far I have found a solution to the following problems:

1. tax problem:

2. exercise problem:

More will follow:

drug problem

insurance problem

religion problem

election problem